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What to Expect


Uncover who you are, what you value, where you are, and where you want to go

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Create your customized financial plan; a presentation of your ideal future

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Put your financial plan into action to help you achieve your financial goals

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Receive continual guidance to financial independence

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Goal-Based Investing: "The Bucket System"

At Cook Financial Group, we believe in taking both a diversified & strategic approach. We take a bucket approach to utilizing different tools and strategies to fill your retirement buckets.

Emergency Reserves

Secure & Liquid

  • Checking
  • Savings

Grab Money

Investments for What-If's & Pleasures of Life

  • Pre-Retirement
  • Post-Retirement
  • Brokerage Acts

Dependable Money

Dependable Income Strategies for Dependable Expenses

  • Social Security
  • Pensions
  • Bond Ladders
  • Annuities