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Our Company

Cook Financial Group offers all-encompassing services for our clients. As one of the oldest financial advisory services firms in Arizona, our reputation thrives on our high-level of customer service. When our clients are truly confident in their financial stability, we have done our job.

Our Mission

At Cook Financial Group, we will do nothing less than create an experience for our clients by keeping our promises, providing superb customer service, and with the utmost professionalism give each client the tools to build wealth, reach financial independence, and protect their families.

Our Commitment

Whether you are experienced in the world of financial matters or are just starting to build your portfolio, Cook Financial Group can help you every step of the way.

Our Principle

Even if you have an MBA in business, financial matters can be daunting. In addition to managing your money, the experienced staff at Cook Financial Group aims to provide a continued education that will strengthen our working relationship.

Our History

“A family in business for four generations is something we value and are proud of; it certainly means something to us, and we hope it means something to you.” - Tyson Cook

Clarence Cook started in the financial services industry in 1936. He came from humble beginnings, selling blankets during the Depression. He embodied the principles of hard work and integrity and firmly believed that people mattered.

Clarence was known as the man with a “million-dollar smile.” When supplied with the opportunity to work for Metropolitan Life Insurance (MetLife), he jumped at it. He believed he would be able to better support his family while making a difference in protecting families with life and health insurance. To him, offering insurance was a noble profession where he could make an impact. He soon became a company and industry leader, known for his values.

A few years after his passing, his son Harvey received his degree from Arizona State University in Insurance and Investments, and in 1970 decided to follow in his father’s footsteps. Striving to improve upon the legacy of his father, he put his education to use with a focus on legacy planning: helping to protect families while also helping them to build wealth in tax-efficient ways.

Later in his career, Harvey started offering mutual funds and other investment products to further help his clients as they prepared for retirement. Like his father, he rose to the top of his industry, making an impact as a leader amongst his peers and making a difference for his clients. Many of his clients remain with Cook Financial Group and continue to hold him in warm, genuine regard.

Towards the end of Harvey’s career, his son Tyson graduated from Arizona State University and joined the financial services industry. He began his career with another firm where he received training in financial planning & investments. After gaining this experience, adding licenses and credentials, and securing his own clients, Tyson and Harvey co-founded Cook Financial Group. Utilizing their different focuses, they created a well-balanced financial planning practice offering an array of services and products related to investments and insurance.

In 2007, Harvey retired, and Tyson bought his father’s share of the business, honored to continue the legacy as a third-generation financial advisor with the Cook name. He continues to coach and plan for their collective clients to this day. Like his father and grandfather, Tyson is also one of the top advisors in the financial services industry and runs his practice with the same hard work, integrity, and values as his grandfather and father before him.

In 2015, TJ Pond joined Cook Financial Group as an advisor. He graduated from Northern Arizona University with a degree in finance and a certificate in accounting, bringing with him a strong background in reading the markets and understanding tax-efficient strategies. Quickly proving his value to the firm, TJ became a junior partner in 2017 and partner in 2022. TJ has helped Tyson continue to build their practice with his strong sense of ethics and in-depth knowledge of the investments they offer.

Steve Wagstaff joined Cook Financial Group as an advisor in 2016. He is an alum of the University of Utah, with a degree in Business Finance from the David Eccles School of Business. He serves as the agency’s 401k Professional, working with small businesses.

Connor Cook, Tyson’s son, became a fourth-generation financial advisor with a degree in Business Finance from Brigham Young University Idaho. He joined the agency with full licenses in 2021 and has chosen to focus on health insurance, as his great-grandfather did before him.

Tyson and TJ continue to work hard to keep and build upon the staple that Cook Financial Group has provided to the East Valley. Whether clients are just starting to build a solid financial foundation or are building upon an existing foundation, Cook Financial Group strives to help clients take their finances to the next level. Cook Financial Group represents/brokers for several investment and insurance companies to supply objective choices and a competitive edge. We also take pride in networking with outside legal and tax counsel to help clients succeed. We offer a warm, family business atmosphere and genuinely care for, respect, and appreciate our clients. We offer our clients customized boutique planning and good business ethics. We at Cook Financial Group genuinely love what we do in helping people to succeed financially.

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